Lee Jung-hoo, the ‥ of “Golden Return”, said, “My legs are relaxed after signing a contract”

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Lee Jung-hoo, who signed a large contract with Major League Baseball San Francisco worth more than 140 billion won, returned home yesterday and expressed his feelings about achieving his dream.

I also expressed my feelings for the Heroes fans.

I’m reporter Park Jae-woong.


Lee Jung-hoo, who went to the U.S. as a member of the KBO League, returned as a major leaguer in three weeks.

“My legs got relaxed after hearing the price. In a way, I finished early. I think I had mixed feelings these ‥ compared to you.”

The feeling of becoming a big leaguer of my dreams and stepping on the San Francisco home stadium was different.

[Lee Junghoo/San Francisco]
“The stadium itself was like a Major League Baseball stadium, and it’s one of the most beautiful ballparks in the United States, so it’s huge as soon as you walk in. It’s magnificent ‥.”

There was a reason for the “English Self-Introduction,” which drew attention at the time of the joining ceremony.

“It’s not that foreign players expect us to speak Korean well. So if I have a chance, I want to show you how I speak English, so I’m ‥.”

Several clubs showed interest, but they also revealed why they chose San Francisco.

“The general manager (San Francisco) came to Korea first and I feel like he wants me the most when it comes to negotiating.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who will start training in Korea, also expressed his special gratitude to Kiwoom fans.

[Lee Junghoo/San Francisco]
“I’ve been so grateful for the past seven years, and when I entered the last at-bat in the last home game, I saw the fans cheering and cheering, and I’m so thankful and I’ll always remember the cheering and cheering and doing my best in the U.S. as well.”

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