Lee Hae-in’s rebuttal of the “heavy disciplinary action” national figure skating champion “lover relationship…”It’s not a sexual harassment”. “Surprised and surprised”

Lee Hae-in (19, Korea University), a former national figure skating single player who was suspended for three years for violating his grade on a junior Lee Seong who was underage after drinking alcohol during overseas training, revealed her real name and refuted, saying, “It is not a sexual harassment because they are lovers.” However, the junior A’s side took a different stance, saying, “I was embarrassed and surprised by the behavior in question,” although it is true that they dated at Lee Hae-in’s suggestion.

Lawyer Kim Ga-ram, Lee Hae-in’s legal representative, said in a telephone interview with the Seoul Shimbun on the 27th, “Lee Hae-in deeply regrets the mistake of drinking alcohol during off-season training,” but added, “He did not commit sexual harassment.” “Lee Hae-in and his junior player were in a relationship, but they did not inform the (Korea Skating Union) of the fact, so they misunderstood the facts.” Attorney Kim stressed, “We have applied for a retrial with the Sports Fair Committee of the Korean Sports and Olympic Committee on the results of the disciplinary action,” and “We will fully clarify the sexual harassment.”
Lee Hae-in also posted a message on social media, saying, “I felt like the world was falling apart to hear that I sexually harassed a minor.” “[My junior] was a boyfriend I dated when I was a high school student, and we broke up because of the opposition of my parents, and we met again in off-season training,” he said. “We got back together because we still had feelings of liking each other, and we kept it a secret.” He also wrote, “I couldn’t tell you about our relationship even during the federation investigation, and I thought (the act in question) was a joke or an expression of affection that can be done between lovers,” adding, “I will deeply reflect on whatever disciplinary action is taken by the sports committee.” 먹튀검증

Sohn Won-woo, a lawyer for junior A’s legal representative, said in a statement late at night that “The two players separated after dating for about three months in 2023,” adding, “A asked Lee Hae-in’s suggestion to meet again during the off-season training last month.” He added, “The act in question took place on the day I visited Lee Hae-in’s room, and A came out of the room immediately in a panic and surprise.”

After returning home from off-season training, A reportedly notified Lee Hae-in of his separation, but began dating again after receiving a proposal to ‘have a secret relationship’ in the middle of this month. Lawyer Sohn said, “Afterwards, Lee Hae-in asked about the situation at the time of training in Italy once, and A answered,” adding, “Recently, Lee Hae-in asked about the situation at that time in order to collect evidence after the fact in question, and after realizing this fact, A was shocked and started psychiatric treatment.” A is in a situation where he was reprimanded by the Federation’s Sports Fair Commission for visiting the accommodation of Lee Sung during the off-season training.

Former national team member B, who was given a one-year suspension for drunk driving and illegal filming without seeking consent from Lee Hae-in, also said he had never shown the photo to a third party and would correct it through request for retrial. B’s position is that what happened in a playful atmosphere was not a situation that would cause sexual discomfort, and it was not illegal filming. Lee Hae-in did not comment on this.

Meanwhile, the federation reported the incident to the Sports Ethics Center on the previous day. The center plans to investigate the complainant, neighbors, reference persons, and respondents.

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