“Kim Min-jae’s big good news!”… “Munich 1st tier” reporter said, “That rumor is wrong.” → 獨 media also said, “KIM is an essential element of Kompany.”

A leading reporter also admitted that there is no possibility that Kim Min-jae will leave Bayern Munich immediately.

Florian Flettenberg, a reporter with Germany’s Sky Sports who is familiar with Bayern news, said on his personal SNS on Tuesday (Korea time), “Kim Min-jae’s rumor about Inter Milan is wrong. Kim has no intention of leaving Bayern and wants to stay. The contract is valid until 2028.”
It was recently reported that Kim Min-jae could transfer to Inter Milan on loan this summer from Italy.

Italy’s Gazeta Delo Sport said, “Kim Min-jae was Munich’s second-largest player after Harry Kane, but there is a possibility that he will come to the transfer market due to the fierce competition of the Bayern defense.” Inter Milan’s leadership has already watched Kim Min-jae since the summer of 2022. Inter Milan can tempt Kim Min-jae. This is the ideal environment for Kim Min-jae to leap forward again in Serie A and a team that appreciates his value. It is the best place for an outstanding center back in Napoli’s time to return.”

“At the moment, the only way for Kim Min-jae to wear the Inter Milan uniform is in the form of a loan contract signed with Chelsea for the return of Romelu Lukaku in 2022. Inter Milan are receiving attention from Stephane Dubray to RT Hard. In addition, among the Inter Milan defenders, Acerbi is approaching 37, and Inter Milan needs to regain the defense’s performance. The best central defender in Europe has already been tested on the Serie A stage and has achieved outstanding results,” he said, explaining that if Kim Min-jae returns, Inter Milan will also be able to reorganize the team’s defense greatly.

However, Kim Min-jae does not seem to have any intention of leaving Bayern and returning to the Serie A stage. Along with Flettenberg’s wife, there were already opinions in the German media that Kim Min-jae should stay.

“Despite Kim’s poor performance last season, Inter Milan have shown interest in recruiting him,” said FCB Inside of Germany. Inter Milan are trying to bring him back to Serie A. If Kim leaves Bayern, he will be available only on loan. However, chances are slim that Kim will play in a new uniform in the next season. “Kim Min-jae is known to be an essential element in Coach Bang Sang Kompany’s squad planning,” Kim said. “Kim Min-jae will play an important role in Bayern in the next season as well.”

Kim Min-jae had already announced that he would stay in the next season from the end of the season. In the end-of-season interview, Kim said, “As a defender, I always played with confidence. However, I had internal conflict because those qualities were not required here.”

However, Kim Min-jae said on these issues, “I often hesitated because I couldn’t play with confidence during the game. I tried a lot to show the coach what he wanted,” adding, “I should have performed the coach’s demands better tactically, but I didn’t always do that. I understand. As a player, whether you make a mistake or do a good job, you have to know what you are good at and what you are not good at in the field,” adding, “I should have fully understood Tuchel’s criticism and done better on my own.” 안전놀이터

Based on the disappointment of this season, Kim also strengthened his will to play more in the next season. “Personally, I am not satisfied with this season, and I need to improve more in the next season. I always have a lot of thoughts after the end of the season. What I did right, what I lacked, and what I needed. When I make mistakes and see weaknesses, it is also important to learn from them. As a player, it is important to reflect on everything well in order to be able to compete at a high level. I will become stronger in the next season,” he said, expressing his determination to rebound so that he can perform more in the next season, apart from rumors that he will leave Bayern for the first time in a year.

As Kim Min-jae has a strong will to stay, the transfer rumor is regrettable. Kim Min-jae had a disappointing performance in the second half, but in the first half of the year, he played almost tirelessly to fill the vacancy without Dayot Upamecano and Matthias Diricht, taking charge of bad things. Kim Min-jae’s overwork was not predicted from the beginning of the season. Bayern had a total of three outstanding center backs this season, Kim Min-jae, Matthijs Diricht and Dayot Upamecano, so it was expected that there would be no major difficulty in managing the defense. It was the injuries of his teammates that caught him back. Diricht was steadily injured, and so was Upamecano.

Kim Min-jae is responsible for all the burdens, and he played full-time in 15 consecutive games as a starter in the early game of the season, which led to controversy over his overwork. Although it is inevitable due to injuries to his teammates, Kim Min-jae also had a difficult time, showing signs of exhaustion during the league game due to continued full-time digestions. Kim Min-jae himself had physical problems due to military training during the off-season, but he did not hesitate to play for the team. In this situation, if Kim Min-jae’s immediate possibility of renting Inter Milan increases with the recruitment of Ito, Kim Min-jae may also be disappointed in Bayern’s treatment. However, Bayern still does not seem to underestimate the possibility of using Kim Min-jae.

Another setback in Bayern’s recruitment plan is also positive for Kim’s position. Bayern originally planned to complete recruitment of Leverkusen center back Jonadanta as soon as Ito was recruited.

Ta is one of the key players who contributed to Leverkusen’s unbeaten win this season. Despite his 195 centimeter tall height, he maintained the defense line with tremendous speed. In the German Bundesliga sprint record, he also ranked second among all center backs with 34.22 kilometers. Based on his speed, he tightly blocked the back space behind Leverkusen. As he has displayed strength in build-ups along with fast speed, he is highly likely to be selected as a starting centerback even after joining Bayern if he maintains his skills this season.

The transfer fee gap between Bayern and Leverkusen made little progress in negotiations. German media reported that Leverkusen has no intention of reducing other players’ transfer fees. Bayern feels pressured by this.” Leverkusen is known to want around 40 million euros for another player’s transfer fee, but Bayern has reportedly offered around 20 million euros.

Even Valdemar Anton, whom Leverkusen aimed for as a substitute for others, is heading to Dortmund, and Leverkusen is more negative about transferring to other countries. Even if it is not completed this summer, the negotiations have not progressed further because the idea was that if the transfer is not made, we can wait until the summer of 2025 when the contract expires. In the end, if other players fail to recruit and Kim Min-jae finds a role in Bayern with Dyer, Ito, Upamecano, etc., it may not be a big problem to receive a chance to play in Bayern in the next season.

Along with Bayern’s change, Kim Min-jae’s transfer possibility received great attention. Right now, the possibility of a transfer has been greatly reduced again, but Kim Min-jae’s performance is expected to become more important to stay.

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