‘Kim Min-jae Hello!’ EPL’s Special Winger Becomes a KIM Fellow…Munich to sign Olise from Palace

Kim Min-jae’s team Bayern Munich has recruited Michael Olise, a special winger in the Premier League (PL).

Olise, who was once called a quality winger in the PL, will play for Munich, one of the best clubs in the world, starting next season in recognition of his capabilities. Munich continued its steady preparation for the next season by holding the Japanese national defender Hiroki Ito and Olise.
On the 8th (Korea time), Munich officially announced the recruitment of Olise through the club’s website. Olise, who left Crystal Palace to join Munich, reportedly has a contract period of five years and a transfer fee of 45 million pounds (about 79.7 billion won) excluding bonuses. 메이저놀이터

“Negotiations with Munich have been very positive, and I’m happy to play for such a big club. Moving to Munich is a great challenge, and this is exactly what I wanted. I want to prove my ability at this level and do my part to help us win as many championships as possible for years to come,” Olise said through the club.

Max Eberle, who acquired Olise from Crystal Palace, said, “Olise is an outstanding player who received a lot of attention for his style of play. We want new impetus, new energy, and new ideas from the team. This is exactly what players like Olise want. Olise quickly expressed his desire to join Munich during the negotiations. We are truly looking forward to her. She will make our game even more prosperous.”

“Olise is fast, difficult to deal with, has scoring ability, and can be used in various ways on the offensive side. His scoring and assist statistics are excellent. The 22-year-old has gained a lot of experience and still has a lot of potential. Fans come to the stadium for players like him,” Christophe Freund said, expressing his expectations.

Olise is a resource with excellent ability to create space through dribbling and passing. He has received attention from a number of PL clubs as he is the ace of Palace following Wilfried Zaha, but his trip to Munich took off just before the summer transfer window opened.

Munich tried to clean up the existing high-level officials and create a new round. Among the side resources, Serge Gnabry, who has a high weekly salary compared to his ability, was sorted out and Olise was recruited. He evaluated that it was correct to replace Gnabry with Olise given various aspects such as age, skill, and potential.

Oliseh’s transfer to Munich had already been confirmed since mid-April. Florian Flettenberg, a member of Germany’s “Sky Sports” and well-versed in Munich, said at the time, “It’s a deal. Oliseh is going to Munich. I just made a complete agreement with Palace. My contract is until 2029.”

Fabrizio Romano, known as an expert in the European soccer transfer market, also announced Olise’s transfer to Munich using the phrase “HERE WE GO,” which is shouted when a player’s transfer is confirmed, on his social network service (SNS) account, saying Munich activated Olise’s buyout clause.

Since then, the possibility of hijacking has been briefly raised. Earlier this month, Flettenberg said, “München wants to complete the deal with Crystal Palace with Olise as soon as possible so as not to fall into a dangerous situation. According to our information, several clubs, including Manchester United, have recently tried to hijack Olise,” referring to the possibility of hijacking.

“There are still details that need to be clarified between Munich and Palace. Initially, the medical test was scheduled to be completed within this week, which was the wish of everyone involved in the transfer. Olise’s medical test is now scheduled for next week,” Flettenberg explained.

Still, Munich’s recruitment of Olise remained unchanged. “Is the deal unstable? Not now,” Flettenberg said, adding that he was confident of Olise’s move to Munich despite other clubs’ attempts to hijack the club.

“Olise wants to move to Munich. His opinion is still clear. He wants to move to Munich and sign a contract by 2029,” Olise said, adding that Olise’s mind is heading to Munich.

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