Kim Hyo-beom “My first impression of Vincent and Robinson… ”

“If you listen to the stories of NBA fans around you, they say they don’t know where to cheer for this final. Actually, I am similar. If you look at the Denver Nuggets, they are showing great performances centered on Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, so it would be very regrettable that a team like this could not win here. On the other hand, in the case of the Miami Heat, the stories of many players, including leader Jimmy Butler, are sad. As can be seen from the word miracle of the 8th seed, the underdog story of the team itself is also making many fans cry.” The

NBA this season is really interesting and fun.토토사이트 There are many different stories and twists, and there is a big reason why new faces stand out. This is also true of Kim Hyo-beom (40‧189cm), Seoul Samsung coach. From the point of view of a coach on the field or purely from a fan’s point of view, it was an exciting playoff no matter how you look at it, and the current finals are saying that the best teams are facing each other.

“I feel more intrigued because I have memories of seeing many of the key figures on both teams as G-League coaches. I have an assistant coach in Denver, Charles Claske, who is like a mentor to me. If you watch the broadcast, you see a person with his head down and writing something behind director Mike Malone, and it’s him. He introduced me to the G-League and gave me a lot of good words. He was with the Pistons at the time. It’s been quite a while, but I’m still grateful. So, to put it mildly, I want to support Denver a little more, but Miami is also good. If it wasn’t for the presence of the coach, I think I would have been completely neutral.”

Memories of Miami’s starting point guard Gabe Vincent (27‧191cm) are also special. Four years ago, when he was a G-League coach, Kim Hyo-beom paid attention to Vincent. He was playing in the G League for Sacramento, and it is said that no one was paying close attention to him at the time. Hyo-beom Kim was different. He seemed to have great potential for growth. He strongly insisted on bringing Vincent to the team.

“At the time, Vincent was literally just a G-League player, not tied to a two-way contract. He was not a difficult situation to bring. He was brought in via trade and insisted on a two-way contract. I was an assistant coach, so I was able to say that. The director also agreed. So it seemed like it was progressing, but at some point it fizzled out. He wasn’t a difficult player to bring in, but at the time, it seems that the upper management gave him a harsh evaluation. From my point of view, his reading, passing ability, and defense were all good. It’s a personal little memory that no one will remember now, but every time I see Vincent, I think

of that time.

The first Robinson I ever saw was really bad. As a member of the Sioux Falls Skyforce under the Miami Heat, I was playing against our G League team, and I threw 8 3-pointers and only managed to make one. But it wasn’t that I was just good at other things. Considering that he is a player with a two-way contract, he was a bit puzzled. But come to think of it, I had a problem too. A player cannot be judged by one or two matches. There is a need to know the before and after. Of course, there must have been such things as not belonging to our team. Anyway, at the time, Robinson was not particularly good at the game, and I think I made a hasty evaluation because it was only reflected in my eyes

. ”

“When I look at Robinson at the time, I think of Hyunjoong. At that time, Robinson had just returned from injury, so his condition was not improving. I saw Robinson at just such a moment. Hyunjoong was like that until recently. The injury was recovered, but the hiatus was long, and it was a point where I had to adapt to the unfamiliar environment of the G-League. As a result, it took time to improve my performance.”

Since then, Robinson has become a recognized player in the NBA as long as he is a shooter. Through this, Kim Hyo-beom was able to feel many things.

“I was sluggish in the game at the time, but various statistics such as average points recorded on the score sheet were also not good. In a way, Robinson was a player who was expected to play a role player role, not the kind of technician-type prospect I’ve generally seen. It can be seen that its value varies greatly depending on its use. If not, it starts to melt into Miami’s system basketball, so I think I’m definitely finding my own identity and playing an active part, from the 3-point shot, which is an advantage, to various cut-in plays.

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