Kim Ha-sung’s San Diego has won five games in the last six games…We’ve become stronger with our strong teamwork

Kim Ha-sung (29)’s team San Diego has won as many as five games in the last six games. In particular, he garnered more attention over the past two days as he secured a win against Oakland with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning. San Diego’s recent upturn has been reportedly attributed to its strong teamwork.

The San Diego Union-Turribune reported in an article on Monday (Korea Standard Time) that “San Diego had numerous team meetings last season. Most of them were not convened by players. However, when San Diego suffered its first sweep of the season by the Los Angeles Angels last week, senior players voluntarily held team meetings last weekend.”
The media continued, “In this meeting, which was convened autonomously with the players at the center, the players had an in-depth discussion, such as figuring out what was going well and what was wrong, and exchanging opinions on what was necessary and what was lacking in order to do so consistently at bat,” adding, “The opinions of the players gathered in this way were united and supported by the entire team.”

Perhaps thanks to the meeting, San Diego has been on the rise with five wins in the next six games. It won a sweep against Oakland, and in particular, it doubled its joy with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, 4-3 on the 12th and 5-4 on the 13th.

San Diego veteran pitcher Joe Musgrove (32) said in an interview with the media, “After the meeting, the individual players’ efforts to advance to win are much better than before.”

San Diego utility player Jurickson Profar (31) also helped. “We were a team that we could do well, but we haven’t done well so far,” he said in an interview with the media. “Of course, sometimes even if we cheer up and try, we don’t get lucky and we don’t do well,” he said. “However, we should not spare continuous efforts until the end of the season regardless of the results every day.” 먹튀검증

Kim Ha-sung’s performance during this period is also notable. In the recent six games in which his team won five games, he contributed greatly to his team’s victory by posting a batting average of 0.278 (five hits in 18 times at bat), two homers, seven RBIs, five runs scored, one stolen base and six walks.

He is a typical “summer guy” whose batting average comes to life every summer. And this year is the same pattern. As of Tuesday, he had a batting average of 0.250, two homers and 10 RBIs in June. His on-base plus slugging percentage is 0.892. His batting average, which was fixed almost at No. 8 or No. 9 last month, has been relocated to No. 6 recently as his batting average has picked up in June.

With 37 wins and 35 losses and a 0.514 win rate for this season, the San Diego Padres is maintaining its No. 2 position in the NL West this season. The team is 1.5 games ahead of the third-place San Francisco Giants. However, the team is 6.5 games behind the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers. To regain the lead, the team needs to exert more energy.

Fortunately, the San Diego Padres, which took a day off from Friday, will hold three consecutive weekend games against the weak New York Mets, who remain in fourth place in the National League East, starting Saturday. Although baseball’s charm is that the results are unknown until the lid is opened, this weekend’s three consecutive games can be seen as a good opportunity for San Diego to gain wins.

Attention is focusing on how Kim Ha-sung’s batting sense, which has been heated up in the hot weather, and San Diego’s teamwork, which has become stronger through recent team meetings, will affect the three consecutive games this weekend.

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