“Kim Ha-sung, even if he is sluggish, will eventually win.” SD’s changed ‘winning habit’ → answered the most attention ever

The San Diego Padres are running fast. They have posted eight wins and two losses in their last 10 games, displaying the hottest momentum in the Major League Baseball.

San Diego won 10-8 in the bottom of the ninth inning with two dramatic home runs in the home game of the Arizona Diamondbacks and 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 6th (Korea time).

The San Diego Padres, which have won three games in a row, posted 49 wins and 43 losses and a 0.533 win rate. Although the team is 6.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers (54 wins and 35 losses), it is ranking second in the wild card competition in the National League, displaying its prospects for fall baseball.

San Diego has displayed the fiercest momentum among the NL teams with eight wins and two losses in its recent 10 games. Up until early last month, the team repeatedly went up and down from the 50% win rate, but has already surpassed the 50% win rate to +6.
The victory was even more dramatic. In the top of the ninth inning when the team seemed certain to win 7-2, Enjel de Los Santos allowed one out, but gave up consecutive hits and four walks, and was on the verge of loading the bases, and was eventually chased by one point after Alec Thomas hit the grand slam. The San Diego Padres then placed closing pitcher Robert Suarez on the mound, but allowed Randall Grichuk to hit a two-run homer to come from behind to allow the team to 7-8.

However, San Diego, which already showed strong performance in front of the stadium filled with fans, did not easily back down. The crowd of 47,171 people visited Petco Park on the day. This is the largest number of spectators since the opening of Petco Park. This can be seen as evidence that the San Diego Padres’ recent baseball games raise high expectations.

San Diego faced Arizona closer Paul Sewald after being attacked in the bottom of the ninth inning. Leading hitter Jurickson Profar hit a tying solo shot over the right fence. It was also Profar’s 100th career homer.

Petco Park was as hot as flames from electronic display boards. Jake Cronenworth walked to the batter’s box, and Manny Machado hit Seaworld’s sweeper hard. As soon as he hit the ball, he felt the home run and the hit became a walk-off home run over the left-center fence.

According to MLB.COM, the official website of MLB, it was unprecedented in MLB history that four other players made such a feat in one inning. It was an even more thrilling victory.

“We will fight until the 27th out,” Machado said after the game, “whether we succeed or win the last inning, we will continue to fight.”

Coach Mike Shildt also said, “I gained some good energy. I said, ‘Let’s go, find a way.’ Since then, he has made history in front of the largest number of spectators in the history of Petco Park. It will be a very memorable event.”

“We’re showing who we are as a team. We don’t stop,” said San Diego’s mega hit Profar. “It’s the best win I’ve ever had,” Machado.

MLB.COM also said, “The Padres are living that life these days. They have won six walk-off victories this season, four of which were through home runs.” Profar said, “I expect us to do that. It’s about making things normal.”

“Normal” is probably not the right word. Nothing was normal in the ninth inning,” the media said. “However, San Diego has made a habit of winning games like this. Now, for the first time in an entire season, it’s over .500. +6. This is the first time since 2022.” 먹튀검증

What is more significant is that it was achieved while Xander Bogaerts, a 280 million dollar (387.1 billion won), is out due to injury and Kim Ha-sung is suffering from two consecutive poor games, a batting average of 0.222 and an on-base plus slugging percentage of 0.702 this season.

Juan Soto and Trent Grisham, who sent four promising players, including Ko Woo-suk, to the Miami Marlins for “Winnow,” and who are playing MVP-class this season, to the New York Yankees, received Michael King, Johnny Brito, Drew Thorpe, Randy Vasquez, and Kyle Higashioka. Although Soto’s vacancy is regrettable, Fernando Tatis Jr. and rookie Jackson Merrill, as well as professional players who are performing best in their careers this season, are playing their roles, including starting pitcher King and Barquez and bullpen Brito and catcher Higashioka.

If Bogaerts returns and Kim Ha-sung draws a rebound in the second half of the year, he can dream higher. Above all, it is very encouraging that he is getting into the habit of winning with a new player composition. This season is expected to be the right time for San Diego to challenge autumn baseball and even bigger dreams.

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