KCC Huh Woong said, “When the results of the investigation come out, I will make an announcement…”I sincerely apologize”

KCC Huh Woong in Busan recently announced his position on court litigation with his ex-girlfriend on the 29th.

Huh Woong said through his agency Key Player Agency, “I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that I have caused to the people and fans over the past few days,” adding, “The other party’s argument is not true, and we are responding to this with active cooperation with the investigative agency.”

“Rather than responding to the other party’s groundless claims, I would like to reveal the truth through the results of the investigation,” he said, adding, “I will not take any further positions and tell the public about my position when the results of the investigation come out.”

Huh Woong filed a complaint against his ex-girlfriend A at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on charges of attempted blackmail, intimidation, and violation of the Stalking Punishment Act through lawyer Kim Dong-hyung, who served as legal representative on the 26th.

In the process, claims between Heo Woong and his ex-girlfriend A that reveal each other’s private lives are going to the workshop.

Huh Woong was selected as the


MVP of the 2023-2024 professional basketball championship game and is the eldest son of former men’s basketball coach Huh Jae.

Huh Woong, who has topped the All-Star fan vote for the last three consecutive years, is considered one of the most popular players in the league, receiving the popularity award for five consecutive years at the season awards ceremony.

Heo Woong also said, “We apologize to Lee Sun-kyun, the bereaved family, the fans who loved the deceased, and their agency, who were unnecessarily mentioned because of us, even though it was not related to this case.”

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