Israel and the U.S. say in unison that a ceasefire is impossible… “It will only benefit Hamas”

Israel, which is expanding its ground war, has made it clear that there will be no ceasefire despite public criticism due to the spread of civilian casualties.

The United States also sided with Israel, saying that a ceasefire is not the answer in the current situation.

This is Washington correspondent Kwon Jun-ki.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the ceasefire means surrendering to Hamas and that he would continue the ground war in the Gaza Strip.

The United States also made it clear that it would not respond to the international community’s calls for a ceasefire, saying that it would not have agreed to the call for a ceasefire during the Pearl Harbor attack and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

[Benyamin Netanyahu / Israeli Prime Minister: Calling for a ceasefire 토스카지노 도메인means that Israel must surrender to terrorism and surrender to barbarism. That will not happen.] He

also said that rescuing the Israeli soldier was a military operation, and that what is needed to release the hostages is pressure, not a ceasefire.

Furthermore, he claimed that the justification for this war was to save the ‘future of civilization.’

[Benyamin Netanyahu / Israeli Prime Minister: Let me be clear, the future of civilization is at stake in this war. We must win this war while minimizing civilian casualties, and we will definitely succeed.]

The U.S. White House repeatedly urged Israel to comply with the laws of war, saying that civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip must be minimized.

However, unlike Russia and Hamas, Israel said it was not intentionally targeting civilians.

[John Kirby / White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator: Killing civilians is not the Israeli military’s war goal. The goal is to chase down Hamas terrorists.]

At the same time, he kept pace with Israel’s opposition to the ceasefire, saying that the ceasefire would only benefit Hamas.

[John Kirby / White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator: We don’t think a ceasefire is the right answer right now. At this point, we believe that a ceasefire is helpful to Hamas.]

Meanwhile, Israeli Strategy Minister Ron Dermer said that the level of cooperation with the United States is unprecedentedly close.

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