If it’s an “All-Star Business Card,” it’s a hit by the FA, but Kim Ha-sung is also a “Festival of Stars” agent this year, and the NL shortstop is likely to be Betts-Deracruz

An “all-star business card” is essential to hit the FA jackpot.

In this regard, San Diego Padres’ Kim Ha-sung has a reason for disqualification. He has a long way to go before playing in the All-Star Game again this year.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be held on July 17 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The first round of fan voting is underway. The players with the most votes in each AL/NL league will be eligible to start, and the remaining positions will be determined through the second round of voting for the first and second place.
Kim Ha-sung is also a candidate for the NL shortstop category in the first round of fan voting for the All-Star Game. He will get some votes, but it is unlikely that he will top the shortstop position full of superstars or be included in the top two. LA Dodgers Mookie Betts, Cincinnati Reds Eli Deracruz, Milwaukee Brewers Willie Adames, New York Mets Francisco Lindor and Philadelphia Phillies Trey Turner dream of starting an All-Star.

Although Kim Ha-sung gained national recognition by winning the Gold Glove in the NL utility category last year, the prevailing analysis is that his performance in offense and defense this season is not as good as last year. In particular, the All-Star selection is at a disadvantage for Kim Ha-sung because his batting ability is the absolute standard. It is difficult to have high expectations not only in fan voting, but also in player voting and commissioner’s secretariat evaluation.

In addition, in San Diego, two superstars, second baseman Luis Arraez and outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr., are likely to be selected, making the door for Kim Ha-sung to enter even narrower.

As of Thursday, Kim has a batting average of 0.222, nine homers, 34 RBIs, 14 stolen bases and an OPS of 0.729. Among the 11 NL shortstop players who passed the stipulated number of at-bats, the OPS ranks eighth. The batting average is 11th, and the home run tied for seventh. Still, Kim is on the top of the list, with walks and RBIs ranking second and tying for third, respectively. Derracruz has so many stolen bases, making it difficult for Kim to give out his business card.

According to ESPN’s estimation of starting players and reserves for the two leagues, Betts will be the starting pitcher and Deracruz will be included in the reserve. In other words, there seems to be no room for Kim Ha-sung to join the 32 All-Star roster for each league. 토토사이트

Betts is an MVP of the NL regular season, not an All-Star issue. He has a batting average of 0.308, 10 homers, 40 RBIs, 49 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.906. Deracruz, known as the “monster” shortstop, has a batting average of 0.228, 11 homers, 29 RBIs, 42 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.735 which is not much different from Kim Ha-sung, but he is overwhelmingly running in this category with 34 steals. With the current pace, he can steal 81 steals. He is qualified to sweep away fans’ popularity through powerful hitting, lightning speed, and showmanship.

Kim Ha-sung established himself as a top-ranked player in the Major League by ranking 14th in the NL MVP voting after winning the Gold Glove last year. This is due to his unstoppable run from mid-June to the end of August. However, it was regrettable that he failed to get the chance to select the All-Star due to his slow start.

Trade rumors regarding Kim Ha-sung have recently started to circulate. It is expected that Kim Ha-sung, who will become a free agent after this season, can be traded, but there is no reason for San Diego to let him go at the moment. This is because they are competing for the playoffs. If they fall into a competition around the time of the San Diego All-Star break, there is a possibility that they will sell Kim Ha-sung out. On this premise, local media outlets cite the Cleveland Guardians, the Boston Red Sox, and the San Francisco Giants as the teams that can covet Kim Ha-sung.

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