I threw up to 157km…Why is Moon Dong-joo right? The extreme growth pain of ‘ERA 18.56’ in all three games against Doosan

Fire bowler Moon Dong-joo (21) of the Hanwha Eagles in the professional baseball league is going through extreme growth pains. He has lost four consecutive games in recent months, and is still suffering from an earned run average of six points. The ball is fast enough to throw up to 157 kilometers per hour based on the standard speed of a trackman, but it keeps getting hit. Notably, the team lost all three games against the Doosan Bears, continuing its weakness.

In the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League home game against Doosan at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 26th, Moon Dong-ju started the game and collapsed with eight hits (one home run) in four innings, four walks, one strikeout and seven runs. As Hanwha lost 8-15 after a slugfest, Moon Dong-ju lost for the sixth time (three wins) of the season. Since the match against NC in Daejeon on the 8th, his ERA has soared from 6.35 to 6.92.

He remained weak against Doosan. In the game against Daejeon on April 28, Moon Dong-joo, who lost for the first time this season after being substituted early for allowing six hits (one homer) and three walks, two strikeouts and six runs in three ⅓ innings, fell to the second division after losing the most runs as an individual since his debut with 10 hits (three homers) and one strikeout and nine runs in three ⅓ innings.
He took the mound for the third time in this season against Doosan Bears, but the result was not much different. He was shaken up from the start of the first inning. He threw the first fastball to Jung Soo-bin, but he was hit by a foul home run that slightly deviated from the pole on the right side. It was a foul, but he boldly swung the ball from the first pitch to the right. Moon, who sent a runner on a pitch that hit his body due to the slider missing at the third pitch, gave up the first run as Heo Kyung-min had a mid-base hit and Yang Eui-ji had a right-field hit.

He then allowed Kim Jae-hwan a three-run home run to the left-center wall, allowing four runs from the first inning. The first-pitch 139km/h changeup went high outside without falling, properly caught Kim Jae-hwan’s bat and led to a 125m home run. In the match against Daejeon on April 28, Moon Dong-ju was hit by Kim Jae-hwan for two three-run home runs, and he repeatedly allowed three-run home runs on the same day. 스포츠토토

In the second inning, he blocked without losing a point, but after getting Kim Jae-hwan, whom he met again in the third inning, on base with a straight walk, he lost an additional point with an RBI double that directly hit the left-center fence to Kang Seung-ho. In the fourth inning, he allowed a two-run double that fell out of the left-field line to Huh Kyung-min in the first and second bases with no outs and no outs. All pitches, including fastballs, curves, sliders, and changeups, were hit by Doosan hitters.

In the end, he gave the mound to the bullpen from the start of the fifth inning. He threw a total of 90 pitches, 51 strikes and 39 balls. He threw more breaking balls such as slider (42), curve (18), and change-up (1), than fastballs (29) with a maximum speed of 157 kilometers per hour and an average speed of 152 kilometers per hour, but that didn’t work. Moon, who became a losing pitcher in all three games against Doosan until the day, remained weak with an ERA of 18.56.

In fact, the Doosan Bears is not the only problem facing the Doosan Bears. His overall performance this season is not good enough, as he has won three games and lost six games with a 6.92 ERA. His ball control is not much off, but his ball is shaky, and his breaking ball cannot easily lure batters’ bats. WHIP 1.91 WHIP. He hit only six homers in 118 ⅔ innings last year, but he was hit 10 times in 66 ⅓ innings this year. Among the 32 pitchers who threw 60 or more innings, his slugging percentage (0.529) is the second highest after that of Lotte’s Na Kyun-an (0.550). His POPS is also 0.943, which is only higher than that of Na Kyun-an (1.004).

He still throws fastballs with the highest quality in the league, but batters these days easily hit straight balls as long as they have a goal on fastballs. If a breaking ball is good, batters can sway the opposing batters’ goaltending, but their completeness is not that high. He or she swings back and forth in control and movement of the breaking ball. When a fastball is aimed at a fastball or a plain breaking ball comes in, it hits the right timing for the fastballs.

After three weeks of adjustment since joining the secondary team at the end of April, Moon garnered two wins in the first three games since his return to the primary team, and wondered if he would rebound with three runs and an ERA of 1.50 in 18 innings. However, he has lost four consecutive games since then, displaying a 9.14 ERA. No matter how high the performance he raises in his team, he cannot keep the starting rotation.

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