“I believe you’ll make a good choice”. What’s the wish of SON…Chairman Chung Hae-sung’s resignation

“It’s taking a while now, but I believe you’ll make a good choice.”

Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), the captain of the Korean national soccer team, made the remarks on Wednesday, expressing his last wish for this season. However, less than three weeks have passed since the announcement that Jung Hae-sung, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s (KFA) power enhancement committee, suddenly offered to resign.
According to the soccer community on Friday, Chairman Chung Hae-sung visited the KFA building in central Seoul and expressed his resignation to KFA officials. The KFA reportedly chose to “dissuade” him.

The power reinforcement committee under the leadership of Chairman Chung Hae-sung was launched in an ambitious manner in February. Leaving behind the scandal involving former German coach Jurgen Klinsmann, the committee has made efforts to appoint the next head coach of the national team. 토토사이트

However, there were a series of views from the soccer community that they started incorrectly from the beginning. After the first briefing, Chairman Chung Hae-sung said that he disclosed eight qualities and requirements for the next head coach, leaving open the possibility of appointing both domestic and overseas coaches. At that time, less than a week was left before the opening of the K League, and Chairman Chung added that some coaches who are currently working are also subject to discussion. For this reason, not only some coaches who had just taken the helm, but also the head coaches who had led the national team in the past had to sweat from being asked questions about the national team instead of the league. Chairman Chung even said, “If there is anyone working at the club, we should go and ask for help in person.”

As a result, the committee could not find an official head coach. Instead, it earned time by temporarily serving as the baton for Hwang Sun-hong, former Olympic team coach, and Kim Do-hoon, former Ryan City coach. In the process, Chairman Chung Hae-sung also said, “If the result is not good, I will take responsibility.”

Under the provisional coach system, Korea had mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. Team A passed the second qualifying round as No. 1 anyway, securing one port to avoid Japan and Iran. In contrast, Hwang Sun-hong, who led the national team by age, failed to advance to the finals at the Paris Olympics. Chairman Chung’s remarks in praise of Hwang Sun-hong, who served as interim coach of the A team, also lost some significance in his failure to advance to the finals at the Olympics.

After the second qualifying round, captain Son Heung-min and former coach Kim Do-hoon emphasized the importance of waiting, mentioning the direction the Korean soccer should take. Kim also said that he hoped the interim coach system would end here.

The committee repeated more than 10 times over the past four months, but failed to produce any fruitful results. Rather, the chairman’s resignation was announced first. It is feared that Chung’s journey will soon be concluded, saying, “We will create an environment where the national soccer team can operate well through transparent procedures.” It will take more time for the captain’s wish to come true.

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