Huh Woong “Pregnant → Ex-life girlfriend demanded 300 million won” eventually filed a police complaint

Heo Woong (31, KCC Egis), a star player of the Korean professional basketball league, has filed a complaint with the police against his ex-girlfriend, whom he had met for the past three years. He claims that he suffered from financial demands and threats. 여우알바

Huh Woong’s legal representative said on the 26th that he filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul against his ex-girlfriend A on charges of attempted blackmail, intimidation, and violation of the Stalking Punishment Act.

In response, Huh Woong explained, “A has demanded 300 million won from Huh Woong, threatening to expose Huh Woong’s private life through the media and SNS clubs since the end of May 2021.”

According to Heo Woong, Heo Woong and A met at the end of 2018 through an introduction and developed into a relationship, and after repeated encounters and breakups, they finally parted in 2021.

He also said that he had two abortions while dating Heo Woong. When Heo Woong learned that he was pregnant for the first time, he offered to take responsibility for him with his child, but he chose to terminate the pregnancy.

He then said that Heo Woong showed the same position during his second pregnancy and asked to give birth, but A noted that he did not budge on his argument that “we should get married before giving birth.”

In response, Heo Woong said, “I need to think about marriage a little more,” and A suddenly changed and threatened, “I want to die in front of you,” and “If you don’t send money, I’ll post it.”

Since then, Heo Woong mentioned on his Instagram on the 26th, “I have been suffering from constant financial demands and threats for three years since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend.”

He also said, “We plan to actively cooperate with police investigations so that the perpetrators can be punished through judicial procedures.”

Heo Woong is the first son of Heo Jae, the former national men’s basketball team and national team coach, who was called the “Basketball President.” Along with his younger brother Heo Hoon, Heo Woong is performing well as the best star of Korean basketball.

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