Home run thief with ‘special prospect’… Kim Ha-sung harvests wedge RBI despite no hit

Kim Ha-sung (29) of the San Diego Padres lost his home run due to opponent team’s good defense. Still, he contributed to his team’s victory with a sacrifice fly.

Kim Ha-sung started as the seventh batter and shortstop in an away game against the Texas Rangers during the 2024 Major League regular season at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on the 5th (Korea time), but was sluggish as he had no hits in three times at bat. His batting average for this season fell to 0.225.
He didn’t have a hit, but he couldn’t just say that he didn’t hit. He made good batting in all three at-bats, but never got a result.

In the top of the second inning, Kim Ha-sung made a home run-like hit from his first at-bat with two outs and a runner on the first base. He pulled a fastball thrown by Texas right-handed pitcher Max Scherzer as if he was waiting. The hit flew quickly to the left fence, but left fielder Wyatt Langford snatched it with a jump catch. It was a home run ball that crossed the yellow line on the fence, but it was just a fly ball to the left field that was sucked into Langford’s glove.

Since his debut in this season, Langford, Texas, is a promising player who was highly anticipated to rank 13th overall before the season’s opening. Although he was sluggish early this season, he has been reorganized while he was in the Minor League due to injury, and has thus displayed strong batting pace recently. He is solidifying his position by displaying stellar defense in the game on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Kim Ha-sung hit a static hit in the fifth inning, but failed to step on the first base again this time due to head-on to the third baseman.

Kim was beaten by Langford again in the seventh inning. Kim took the batter’s box for the third time in the top of the seventh inning with one out and runners on the third base, and hit a long-range hit to the fence again this time. However, Langford jumped up again this time. A fly ball to the left field again this time. 고소득알바

Still, there was a big difference. This time, there was a runner on the third base. Although there was no hit or home run, the at-bat ended with an RBI sacrifice fly as the third baseman stepped home. Kim Ha-sung finished the at-bat by hitting a ground ball to the shortstop in the ninth inning.

San Diego won the game 3-1. Donovan Solano’s double in the top of the fourth inning gave San Diego a run on Jurickson Profar’s 12th homer in the top of the fifth inning, but “homer thief” Langford immediately scored a timely RBI to catch up with them. However, Kim Ha-sung’s sacrifice fly in the seventh inning widened the gap and sealed the victory.

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-sung left eight with 200 RBIs in MLB. He had 34 RBIs in his first year since his debut, and has 59 RBIs in 2022, 60 RBIs last year and 39 RBIs this year.

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