Gen.G. collapsed by TES…T1, LCK’s last hope

The e-Sports World Cup (hereinafter referred to as EWC), which will be held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has been heating up since the opening on the 3rd. In particular, the League of Legends event, which has been underway since the 5th, the first week of the opening, is receiving great attention. This is because teams with excellent performances in Korea, China, Europe and North America are fiercely competing.

In the opening match held on the 5th, T1, a member of the Korean league LCK, beat Billie Billie Gaming (BLG) of the Chinese league LPL to advance to the semifinals. T1 will face North American League team Liquid in the semifinals at midnight (at midnight on the 7th) today for the final. In the match held on the 6th, LCK member Gen.G e-Sports was completely defeated by LPL’s Top e-Sports (TES) with a set score of 2-0.

As Gen. G, who won the title at the 2024 MSI (Mid Season Invitational) held in Chengdu, China in May, lost in the quarterfinals, the EWC will take a different turn from the MSI. With strong contenders eliminated, T1 and TES have emerged as likely candidates for the presidency. This is because North American and European league teams are considered inferior to Korean and Chinese teams. However, as Gen. G was completely defeated, T1 must not let its guard down in all games.

The EWC, which is different from other League of Legends international competitions, is considered a variable. Unlike other competition finals, which are held in the best-of-five series, all matches except the finals are held in the best-of-three series at this EWC. As the number of matches has decreased, one loss by the Joker card could play a bigger role than usual. In other words, there is a high possibility that relatively weak teams will use ingenious strategies to write reversal dramas in addition to increasing variables in matches between strong teams. 업소알바

In the match between T1 and Team Liquid, the match between the top liners is drawing attention. This is because Jung Un-young, the team liquid top liner, is one of the legendary players of T1 who played for SK Telecom T1, the predecessor of T1. Jung Un-young played for SK Telecom T1 for two years from 2013 to 2014, winning the LCK of the Korean league as well as the 2013 League of Legends World Championship (LOLD Cup). T1’s top liner “Zeus” Choi Woo-je also lifted the 2023 LOLD Cup. After 10 years, T1’s seniors and juniors are expected to have a fierce battle.

Meanwhile, the EWC will run for a total of eight weeks until October 25, with the total prize money amounting to about 60 million U.S. dollars. A total of 1 million dollars has been allocated to the League of Legends event. Attention is focusing on whether T1, the last hope of LCK in the Korean league, will be able to win the League of Legends first EWC champion.

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