“Expectation for Lee Byeon ↑” Last chance for the last place…PBA Team League 5R will open

The final regular stage for the postseason (P.S.) will be held. This is the last chance for low-ranking teams to win P.S. tickets on their own.

From the 6th to the 14th, the fifth round of the “Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-24” will be held at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang for nine days.

After this round, all five teams that will advance to P.S. will be decided. Each of the five-round winners will be on the postseason this season.

If there are overlapping winners, the overall rankings of the regular rounds will determine which teams will advance to the next round. If a winning team is selected in the fifth round, excluding NH Nonghyup Card (winning in the first and third rounds), SY (winning in the second round), and Crown Haitai (winning in the fourth round), the relevant team will have a ticket to the P.S., and the other team will be determined according to the overall rankings.

Except for NH Nonghyup Card, SY, and Crown Haitai, there are six teams left that have yet to get tickets.

If one of the above three teams wins another overlapping championship in the fifth round, all two remaining tickets will enter the overall ranking fight.

As of now, Welcome Savings Bank, Blue One Resort, and SK Rent-a-Car have received the most likely results to advance to P.S. Welcome Savings Bank is the third place with 46 points, while Blue One Resort and SK Rent-a-Car are tied for fourth with 45 points.

Welcome Savings Bank has never missed a P.S. ticket since its foundation in the 20-21 season. Fredrik Kudron of Belgium left the team this season, but the rest of the team struggled to pull off an excellent performance. Blue One Resort is the defending champion who won the title for the 22-23 season.

As the two teams, which have jumped to the top of the list, are in a tight race, SK Rent-A-Car’s backside is sharpening the queue. Hana Card is seventh below that, but it has the power to jump up at any time with 41 points 랭크카지노주소.

High1 Resort (8th, 36th) and Huons (9th, 34th) can`t go to P.S. without winning a ticket by themselves after winning the fifth round. In reality, this is the last chance. Notably, all male players except Kim Bong-cheol have the highest rank as champions. However, their performance in the team league has hardly been shown. Women players including Kim Se-yeon need more power.

The main point of this round is whether there will be a team to prevent the stronghold of NH Nonghyup Card, which set an unprecedented record of 14 consecutive wins in the previous round of 3rd and 4th rounds. If the lower-ranked teams such as High1 Resort and Huons are added to the rebound, it will provide perfect fun.

On Tuesday, the first day of the fifth round, Huons and SK Rent-A-Car will play at the opening game at 1 p.m. and Hana Card and Blue One Resort will play at 4 p.m. Subsequently, SY and NH Nonghyup Card, which have confirmed their advance to the postseason, will play from 7 p.m., and Welcome Savings Bank will welcome the winner of the fourth round, Crown Haitai, from 10 p.m. High One Resort will take a rest.

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