‘Drinking controversy’ Na Kyun-an, will he fall like this? Drinking alcohol the day before he took the mound -> 1.2 innings, 8 runs, disaster -> Even booing the crowd

Na Kyun-an (Lotte Giants), who has been involved in controversy over his drinking, was caught having a drinking party on the eve of the match, and suffered an eight-run accident in 1.2 innings. The spectators booed him in an unusual way.

In a game against the KIA Tigers at Sajik Stadium on Saturday, Na completely collapsed by allowing seven hits (one homer) and six walks, two strikeouts and eight runs during 1.2 innings. It was a disaster in which the number of pitches he pitched reached 83 while not even completing the second inning.

Na, who has been sluggish throughout the season, pitched the worst ever since he managed at least one inning in a game. When Na was replaced in the second inning, the home crowd booed him at Sajik Stadium. It is not common for a player at his home stadium to be booed by fans of his club. Since the culture of mature cheering has been established recently, home players have rarely been booed.

This means that Na Kyun-an’s pitching and appearance were disappointing. There is another reason why the audience was criticized for the sluggish result. This is because even before the game, Mok Gyeom-dam spread through the Internet community that Na Kyun-an attended a drinking party somewhere in Busan late at night on the 24th. It is not known whether all the spectators were aware of this, but the cold response of the fans was clear that Na Kyun-an’s lack of professional consciousness was very disappointing.

“In terms of content, I didn’t feel the motivation for the game.” Na allowed a walk as the first batter in the first inning, but gave up five consecutive hits, and gave up four runs in a flash. After two strikeouts, Park Chan-ho hit a timely hit, and the game instantly collapsed. If the team starts to consume a bullpen pitcher from the first game on Tuesday during weekdays, the game will inevitably go smoothly. It was Na, who was under fire in the bullpen, even without giving time for the pitchers to warm up. 메이저놀이터

Na continued to show poor pitching in the second inning. After allowing two walks to lead off the bat, he allowed two walks in a row and the bases loaded with two outs, and gave up one point through wild pitches. In the process, he suffered a right-handed scratch when he fell while covering his home. After allowing Han Jun-su to have a timely two-run homer, Na sent his replacement signature to the bench. Eventually, Na, who gave more walks, left the mound only after completing preparations to replace him in the bullpen.

As an adult, he is unable to control every issue in his private life. However, as a professional player, he did not participate in drinking parties until late at night on the eve of his starting game, proving that he had no impact through actual games. From the public’s point of view, it is natural that he has no choice but to link his poor pitching to the previous day’s drinking party.

The disappointment of fans is growing as Na’s performance is not limited to just his appearance on the 25th. In 2023, the third season after switching pitchers, Na was selected as a member of the national team with six wins and eight losses and a 3.80 ERA in 23 games last year. He was praised as a player who overcame difficulties from a promising player of a large catcher.

However, since this season’s spring camp, there has been a great controversy as his wife A’s disclosure of affairs and assault continued. Since then, Na Kyun-an has denied the matter and expressed his position that he would take legal proceedings.

Apart from his private life, Na continued to pitch poorly from practice games to exhibition games. Nevertheless, he was included in the starting rotation of the Lotte Giants. And in 14 games this season, Na continued to be in the worst slump with two wins and seven losses and a 9.05 ERA. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the weakest starting pitcher in the league, as he was not included in the ERA list as he failed to perform the required innings.

If Na Kyun-an’s slump continues, Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung will have no choice but to make a decision. If that happens, it could be a betrayal of self-indulgence by destroying the trust of the coach and the coaching staff for continuing to deploy her despite noisy internal and external controversies. In addition, it could be a betrayal of self-indulgence by destroying the trust of those who protected Na until the end despite their privacy issues.

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