Director Kim Seung-ki of Hongcheon Training Center Sono said, “I will play basketball with a good environment and happy impression.”

Sono has started off-season training in Hongcheon as part of preparations for the 2024-2025 season. Sono coach Kim Seung-ki is vowing to take a leap forward again, saying, “Happy basketball.” 룸알바

Sono, who failed to advance to the semifinals of the playoff last season, has steadily strengthened his performance in the off-season. Sono, who aims to take a leap forward, will have off-season training at Sonovivaldi Park in Hongcheon from last 24th to July 6th. Sono established his own gym at Sonovivaldi Park in Hongcheon with the team’s founding last year.

In the offseason, Sono recruited free agents such as Jung Hee-jae, Choi Seung-wook, Lim Dong-seop, Kim Young-hoon, and Hong Kyung-gi. He also signed a contract with Allen Williams, a foreign player with command of the board. Through the trade, he brought in Lee Jae-do from LG to strengthen his team’s advance. “I brought in the players I wanted and built up the power I thought of to some extent. Lee Jae-do, Lee Jung-hyun, and mercenaries will be the center of the offense, and offense will make the former player have fun,” Kim said.

We have fully strengthened our capabilities, but we cannot be satisfied with the result 100 percent. “It is not perfect yet. Choi Seung-wook needs to be positioned as the third (small forward) player. It is a shame that big man backed by (Jung) Hee-jae is also a big man. Just like Kim Min-wook. That is why we recruited mercenaries to the under-the-basket-shot center,” Kim said. “In general, defense is important to make the team more interesting. I plan to engage in basic defense training in Hongcheon and do a lot of partial defense training. I will go back to Goyang and practice group defense to increase my completeness.”

Through the two-week off-season training in Hongcheon, the team will definitely boost players’ physical condition. “I am in the process of working out for two weeks. If you don’t build up, you will get hurt. You should raise your physical condition to 70 to 80 percent, and get into a physical condition where you can have practice matches in Goyang,” Kim said.

Lastly, Coach Kim said, “How nice it is to be able to train at such a nice resort and gym. The environment is nice to work out, and eating is the best. I will prepare well for the season and play basketball happily.”

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