“Die England, come back” Kim Min-jae pushed him to the bench. “I admit it”… It has emerged as a car driver in the UK

Will Erik Dier of Bayern Munich make his return to the English national team after two years? He seems to have acknowledged his performance in the U.K. as he played as a starting player in the second half of the season by beating out “monster defender” Kim Min-jae (26).

Many, including the leading British newspaper The Times, insisted on the 14th (Korea time) that Dyer could be selected for the England national team in the March A match. Dyer has not been linked to the England national team since December 2022, but he is playing a central role in the four-back line in the second half of the year as he left Tottenham last winter and joined Bayern Munich.

Coach Thomas Tuchel took a solid stand by joining The Licht and Dier in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 after three consecutive losses. In Germany, it was evaluated as Bayern Munich’s all-time recruitment and even defensive midfielders can play, so he applauded as the main player without any problems next season.

He was completely shunned by Tottenham but when he settled down at Bayern Munich, the rival team for the Champions League, the British media also moved. The Times reported, “Dier took a leap forward in Bayern Munich. He is improving his team when he watched the match against Mainz. He has been criticized a lot, but he played hard and trained hard.”

It was highly appreciated that Tuchel pushed out Kim Min-jae, who he brought from Napoli himself last summer. The media outlet said, “Kim Min-jae is what many Premier League teams wanted. Dyer is playing as a starting player for Bayern Munich, beating Kim Min-jae. Currently, John Stones and Dyer represent England in the Champions League. They represent England. We should consider recruiting Kim for the English national team.”

TalkSport, another media outlet, admitted, “Die was hired by Bayern Munich in the winter. He was quite smart. He proved himself in the second half. He deserves to be called up for the England national team 핑크알바.”

From Pochettino to Antonio Conte, Dyer was widely considered a coach at Tottenham. He was not the right player to compete in the Champions League in the Premier League, but was eventually shunned by manager Enzi Postecoglou. Postecoglou brought in Mickey van der Ben from Germany and created a new four-back combination.

When something happened that he couldn’t even sit on the bench, he pushed for a winter lease. From Dyer’s point of view, it was a challenge for the situation that was about to expire. There was no place for Tottenham, but it was a point of contact with Bayern Munich, which suffered from a central defensive injury, and he came to play in the Bundesliga in the second half.

It was expected to be around three to four options because of Kim Min-jae, Mathias de Ligt and Dayo Upamecano. However, Tuchel unexpectedly recruited Dier. Finally, he pushed out Kim Min-jae and Upamecano, and paired them with De Ligt to lead Bayern Munich in the second half.

When Tuchel gave him the chance, he even offered to extend his contract to Bayern Munich. As the contract was extended, he would be able to play for Bayern Munich for another season until June 30, 2025. “Die came from Tottenham this winter, but he is by far the best player in Bayern Munich,” said Germany’s T-Online. “Die also helped Harry Kane score through a long pass across the field at the match against Lahipchic.”

Criticism is mounting in Germany against Kim Min-jae for Dyer’s strong performance. Avent Zeitung of Germany said, “Kim Min-jae fell to three options among Bayern Munich’s defense. The fourth option is Upamecano, who allowed too many chances to his opponent. As Dyer and The Licht combination came up in the main group, two players became losers. Upamecano, who fell to the fourth option of Bayern Munich’s central defense, may have to find a new team in the coming summer.”

Both Kim Min-jae and Upamecano are committed to doing their best at the training ground to secure the starting position next season. Kim Min-jae said, “I have to hit my head and run,” while Upamecano said, “I have no intention of leaving Bayern Munich. I signed a contract until 2026, and I have maintained good relations with my teammates. I will do my best to stay in Bayern Munich. Some soccer fans say that I will leave the team after being drafted.”

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