Did you cheat on the expiration date in the heatwave?

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The heat is severe, with a heat wave warning issued for the first time this year메이저사이트.

In this weather, a photo that appears to have cheated the expiration date of triangular gimbap at a convenience store has been released, causing a stir.

This is a post from an online community.

The author also uploaded a photo of the wrapping paper for triangular gimbap with part of the expiration date label cut off.

There is a new piece of paper with the date ‘July 4th’ written on it.

However, if you look closely at the damaged label, you can faintly see the original expiration date.

If you look at the round below, it is estimated that it is at least until June 30th.

The author, who noticed that the expiration date had passed due to the strange taste of triangular gimbap, asked the owner again if the expiration date was correct for the one pasted with the gyeonchulji, but he did not give a definite answer. It claimed to have heard the answer that it was fake.

Netizens were outraged, saying, “Are you playing with food to save a few hundred won?” and “What if you get sick after eating?”

Meanwhile, when the story became known, the headquarters of the convenience store reportedly apologized for the controversy.

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