“Continuing to reinforce power” K League 1 Daejeon recruited Kim Min-woo, a multiplayer from Europe

“Continuing to reinforce power” K League 1 Daejeon recruited Kim Min-woo, a multiplayer from Europe
Daejeon Hana Citizen of the K League 1, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, announced on the 2nd that it has recruited midfielder Kim Min-woo, who was born in 2002, who experienced the European stage.

Kim Min-woo, a promising player who also won the Cha Bum-kun Football Award in elementary school, started his European career by joining the German Werder Bremen second-tier team through a tryout test in 2021, and until recently played for the Dusseldorf second-tier team.

Kim Min-woo, a left-footed player, is a multi-player who can play not only offensive midfielders but also central midfielders and left-side defenders.

Hwang joined the U-23 national team. 노래방알바

He had never been selected for the national team by age before, but when the U-23 national team participated in the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) U-23 Championship in March, he first wore the national flag and used it as a stepping stone to make the final entry for the 2024 Asian Football Federation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup.

Kim Min-woo, who played as the only European player during the U-23 Asian Cup, also scored the winning goal in the third group match against Japan.

“As I joined the team late, I will do my best in everything, including training and life, so that it can melt into the team quickly,” Kim Min-woo said. “The current ranking does not match Daejeon. I will do my best in the role given to Daejeon to go up to the target place.”

Daejeon, where head coach Hwang, who led the U-23 national team, took the helm during the season, has dropped to 11th place with only 4 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses.

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