1st and 2nd place Gwangju will start Big Bang 1st and 3rd place, KIA will run away or LG will turn around

KIA Tigers and LG Twins, who are fighting for the lead, will hold three consecutive games at Gwangju Champions Field, KIA’s home stadium, from the 18th to the 20th.

As of Tuesday, the gap between Kia Tigers and LG Twins (0.571), which ranks second with a winning percentage of 0.594, is only 1.5 games. Depending on the results of the three consecutive games, Kia may be able to run away from the game, or LG may regain the lead.

Kia and LG, which were considered the strongest contenders ahead of the opening of the season, are competing as expected for first and second place. Kia, led by coach Lee Bum-ho, ranked first for nearly two months from April 9th, thanks to its strong lineup and strong batting performance. However, the team slowed down from late May, and LG put a brake on Kia’s rapid pace. The “defending champion” LG continued to gain momentum by reorganizing pitching and hitting, and on Tuesday, it pulled down Kia and took the lead. Kia regained the lead five days later, taking advantage of LG’s losing streak.
Both Kia and LG desperately need victory. As chances are high that the two teams will face off each other in the fall baseball games, the battle for the regular season is also important.
In addition, on the 13th, there was only one game each from first to fourth place. As such, the competition for the top ranks is fierce. The two teams also want to escape from the pursuit of the Doosan Bears and the Samsung Lions, who are ranked third and fourth.

Kia is in the better mood these days. It has had four consecutive underdog series recently, before sweeping all three consecutive games against the KT Wiz from Friday to Sunday. In contrast, LG, whose native pitchers Choi Won-tae and Lim Chan-kyu were out due to injury, gave up all three consecutive games during weekdays to Samsung, and managed to secure the dominant series against the Lotte Giants over the weekend.

KIA will lead the team with four wins and two losses in showdowns this season. Except for April 9 (KIA 7-2 win), the first showdown of this season, the two teams were so tight that all five other games had come from behind.

Looking at the starting pitchers of both teams, one can expect the heat of this three-game series. KIA is expected to play all one to three starting pitchers, followed by Yang Hyun-jong, James Nail, and Cam Aldred. For LG, it is Son Joo-young and Casey Kelly-Dittrick Ness. Since Choi Won-tae and Lim Chan-kyu left the rotation, virtually all of LG’s first and third starting pitchers will be deployed.

Coincidentally, the confrontation between the same nationality and pitching type is drawing more attention, ranging from left-handed, foreign right-handed, and foreign left-handed starting pitchers in Korea. 퀸알바

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